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Lukta som Ariana?

Arian har bekräftat att hon kommer att släppa en perfum i september. Hon har inte säger så mycket mer än att hon är super taggat. Ariana kommer att jobba med Tony Bajaj som jobbar för Luxe CEO med perfumen.   

Ariana med Celeb Reynolds från bb16. 

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Ny HQ bilde från InStyle Magazine

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Ariana i en tidningen Czech

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Ariana på framsidan av Cool! Magazine

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Ariana i en tidning

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Ariana i People Magazine

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Nya HQ bilder från InStyle Magazine

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Ariana i Spansk tidning

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Japansk tidning

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Ariana i en Japansk tidning

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Ariana för InStyle Magazine

@prabalgurungs: Did you know red was my favourite colour? Ravishing - @arianagrande wearing our Resort 2015 gown for the December cover of @instylemagazine - thank you @instylemelissa #prabalgurung #Instyle #arianagrande #red #feminitywithabite
BTS bild från photoshooten:
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Ariana på framsidan av InStyle Magazine i December nummret

@instylemagazine: And our December cover girl is… @arianagrande! She’s wearing @prabalgurung and @jenmeyerjewelry studs. Photographed by @giampaolosgura. Styled by @instylemelissa. Pick up your copy on newsstands 11/14

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Ariana i Cosmo Magazine

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Billboard cover shoot + Q&A

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Ariana i French Magazine

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Scans från intervjun i Billboard Magazine

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Scan från Japansk tidning

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Intervju med Coup De Main


There’s nothing else existing in the world of show biz that’s quite as pure as the mutual love shared between ARIANA GRANDE and her fans - who refer to themselves as Arianators, but whom she calls her"loves". The 15.9 million strong-on-Twitter fanbase and their Queen, they love each other; they really do. But don’t just take my word for it, consider these facts: lead-single ’Problem’ is the fastest #1 debut in iTunes history - 37 minutes, FYI! - the 4th highest debut for a female artist ever, and made Ariana the youngest woman to have debuted with more than 400k units sold. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is… and that’s just the very first song lifted from an entire forthcoming album, which is predicted to be a big game-changer in 2014.

Ariana herself, reciprocates with gracious and engaging heart-to-hearts via her social media - "loves I wanna start giving u #arianatorhomework we’ll make lists of old movies for u to watch so we can make campy memes & gifs together lol" - and releases unheard demos and snazzy covers as treats for fans. She says: ”My loves, they are very important to me, just because they lift me up when I feel down. They provide me with endless amounts of motivation and inspiration and strength to keep going. Simple things, like they make me laugh. They are also there for me on a very real level, you know, like a family. So a lot of things, small and big.”

Within an interview with Big Machine Records CEO Scott Borchetta in the latest issue of 'Rolling Stone' magazine, is talk of "plotting about how to steer Taylor Swift’s still-unannounced new album clear of Ariana Grande’s current pop-chart ascendance". Swift too, nurtures a requited relationship with her fans, but as Borchetta says: ”Number one is number one, and there’s only one who can be there.” That’s the pop-power of Ariana Grande now, not even in her prime yet, let alone the peak of her career. She’s just getting started with album #2, but because there’s no-one else quite like Ariana, and there’s no-one else quite like the Arianators, together they’ll be a fierce combo for years to come.

And straight from the horse’s mouth, here are Ariana’s favourite lyrics from the new album: "‘cause if the water dries up and the moon stops shining, stars fall and the world goes blind boy, you know… I’ll be savin’ my love for you."


Läs hela HÄR.



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Ariana i Top Of The Pops magazine

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Ariana på framsidan av Japanska INROCK Magazine och Boca Magazine

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