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Ariana på Z100 Saturday Night Online

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The Wat BTS video

"Thank you to all of my amazing friends who helped me create this music video and to all of my fans who support my music. I’m so excited for this album to come out!!!!!"
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Bilder från Larsen & Talbert Photoshoot för J-14 Magazine

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Nick Studio 10, Rap Battle

Ariana var as grym på detta!
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Sam & Cat Promo Video

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Selena på Billboard Music Awards

På blå mattan bar hon en vacker svart klänning och hon berättade att albumet kommer ut i slutet av Augusti. Hon presenterade även Justin innan ha slulle sjunga.
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Just Jared Jr Intrevju


JustJaredJr: So how do you like being in NYC?

Ariana Grande: I think I’m more of an LA girl, but I like New York.

Jennette McCurdy: I would say the same thing. New York is my favorite place in the world to visit. I love the energy of the city and knowing that I’m getting on a plane to New York feels so good.

JJJ: Tell us about the Sam & Cat theme song – your fans are dying to know! Do you sing it?

AG: We don’t sing it. Michael Corcoran sings it, who did the theme song for iCarly and all the songs on Victorious.

JM: Basically, Dan Schneider, the producer, he asked us ahead of time if we wanted to sing and we just didn’t want to. We wanted to make a show that was funny and that really focused on one thing, and entertaining kids. Our music definitely does that too, but we kind of wanted to keep it separate.

AG: And every other show is musically-driven now, since Hannah Montana, so we wanted to do something classic, a classic TV show. And the vibe of the theme song, the first time you hear it, it sounds like a classic.

JJJ: We know you guys are really close. What was your first impressions of each other?

AG: “Wow, she’s the coolest.”

JM: I thought Ariana was so fun and so friendly to people. It was at a promo shoot and Nathan [Kress] and I were hanging out, and she came right over, gave us hugs, and was like, “Hi! I watch iCarly.” I told her I looked up one of her songs, “Stick Around.” I told her she had an amazing voice. We started talking about iCarly and we found out we have the same birthday, we were singing “Jingle Bells” together. It was good memories.

AG: It was fun! I was like, “Oh my gosh, Mom, Jennette is so cool!”

JM: You called Nathan and I “babies.”

AG: That was my thing back then. I called everyone “babies.” Like, “Oh my god, that’s babies.” It made no sense, but at 14, that was like the cool thing to me.

JJJ: The show is about two girls who start a babysitting service together. Have you ever babysat before?

AG: I’ve never babysat, but I have enough babysitting experience now for the rest of my life.

JM: We are acting indeed, but there are still young kids everywhere, who have never done acting before, who have no idea what a camera is. But they’re adorable.

JJJ: What was it like working with Sophia Grace and Rosie?

JM: They are the smallest living humans I’ve ever seen.

AG: They are also the smallest full-grown adults.

JM: They are so mature, smart, professional, talented.

AG: They have the biggest hearts. They are so appreciative.

JM: Granted, they are normal, little girls. But at the same time, they have all that.

AG: They never complain.

JJJ: What about love interests on the show – what can you tell us about that?

JM: I hope so at some point. We haven’t yet, but we’ll probably dive into that as the season goes on.

AG: I have to establish that Robbie and Cat are something.

JM: That’s cute.

AG: I think Cat always has been and always will be desperately in love with Robbie (Matt Bennett), whether they express it or not, whether they confirm it or not. They are always holding hands and they’ve kissed a couple times. Cat always runs away from Robbie, but she loves it and she loves that he chases her. She can’t stand seeing him with other girls, and I think she loves him. I don’t think I can picture Cat being with anyone but Robbie.



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Sam & Cat promo video

2013-05-23 |18:05:30 | Kategori:Nickelodeon

Ariana och Jennettes på Nick Studio 10

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Ariana på Mobile Gas Station i Valley Village, Kalifornien

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PS. Anledningen att uppdateringen legat nere i en vecka är för att jag varit i Turkiet på semester.
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Hollywood Report intervjuar Ariana

2013-05-10 |10:01:08 | Kategori:RÖSTA

Rösta på Ariana för Popcrush Prom Queen 2013

Ariana gick vidare till round två i PopCrushs omröstning om Prom Queen 2013. Hon står mot Little Mix Perrie Edwards och Ariana ligger under med ungefär 2 % så se till att klicka på bilden och rösta.
Ariana Grande Perrie Edwards
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BTS bilder från Sam & Cat

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Ny Instagram/Twitter bilder

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BTS från Sam & Cat

2013-05-02 |17:34:35 | Kategori:Instagram


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Digital Spy Intervju på "The Voice" Spinnoff for Kids


Ariana Grande has revealed that she would love to coach young contestants on a rumored kids version of The Voice.

US network NBC is said to be planning a spinoff of the singing competition especially for children – a format that has been successful in Germany, Holland and Finland.

Having started her own career in showbiz at a young age, Grande explained that there are both pros and cons to being a young performer.

“I think it’s a good idea because there are so many young talented artists out there,” she told Digital Spy. “They have this incredible gift and don’t really have a way to be heard.

“But I also think it’s hard to throw a little kid into an industry like this. I’m telling you, I’m almost 20 and I’m having a rough time with it myself!”

Asked if she would be interested in a role on the show to help coach the young contestants, Grande replied: “Yeah, of course I would. It would be the cutest ever and I would love that.

“It would be so hard to tell a kid no, so I would tell them all yes and put them through!”

The singer recently premiered her new single ‘The Way’, which is available to download in the US and UK now.

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Sophie Grace & Rose intervjuar Ariana och Jennette

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Billboard intervjuar Ariana på RDMA röda mattan

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BTS för "Popular Song" Music Video

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MQ Sam & Cat photoshoot outtake