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Ariana anländer till RDMA och intervju på röda mattann

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Rapping "The Way" på Ryan Secrest

"Ariana Grande flips the script and spits Mac Miller’s verses on our Seacrest Cut of “The Way.” The result is epic."
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"Popular Song" Musikvideo av MIKA Ft. Ariana

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Instagram/Twitter bilder

Inbäddad bildlänk
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Ariana på RDMA, 27 April

Ariana närvarade vi Radio Disney Music Awards 27 April. Där presenterade hon priset Best Fans tillsammans med Roshon Fegan som gick till Directioners. I 3:de videon dyker hon upp vid 1:37.
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April Issue Magazine Scans

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Backstage Cambio Intervju om Sam And Cat

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Entertainment Tonight Canada Intervju

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Ariana cover av “I Believe In You & Me” av Whitney Houston

"Posted a video of me singing this in my bedroom and a lot of you asked me to make a version with better audio quality so I went to Jones’ studio and made a new video. Here you go. Tribute to Whitney. I love you."
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Sam & Cat reklam

2013-04-23 |18:21:10 | Kategori:Intervju

Ariana om att bli kallad nya Selena Gomez

Up and coming singer Ariana Grande has denied claims that she is set to be the next Selena Gomez.
Speaking exclusively to omg! the 19-year-old singer rejected the opinion that she could be the next ‘Come and Get it’ hit maker.

She told us: “I don’t really see [the comparison]. We both started out in children’s television, I think we share that in common and we are both doing music.

“But we are really nothing alike but if you look at us and compare our sounds we aren’t that much alike.

“She has been incredibly successful this far in her career and I will feel lucky if I am just as successful.”
Ariana shouldn’t worry about not being able to emulate Selena Gomez’s success if her debut single, ‘The Way,’ is anything to go by.
When it was released in the US earlier this year, ‘The Way’ found itself sat at the top of the iTunes chart after just seven hours of it being available to download.
Speaking of the incredible success of her debut, Ariana admitted it was above and beyond what she had anticipated.

She explained: “It was really crazy, honesty my label and I were expecting to get like top 20, top 15 and really celebrate - that would have been a great, great debut.

“But it definitely did ridiculous, ridiculous things and none of us were expecting it. It was such a happy thing and we’re all grateful for it.

“I knew it was a good song but I didn’t think that would happen.”

And with incredible success comes a healthy amount of fans, with Ariana already racking up over five million followers on Twitter.
“It’s really cool, I love my fans. I have really cool fans and I love being able to talk to them and check up on them on a daily basis. I love having that outlet,” she said.

Speaking about the responsibility she has to be a role model to her young fans, Ariana admitted that she doesn’t put on a front but equally would never act out.

She explained: “I’m not going to not be a human being but I’m also not going to do anything crazy. 

“I don’t have to put on any front when I tweet or anything. I don’t pretend to be this perfect robot to look like a role model. I try to keep it as honest and real as possible.”
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En till Instagram bild

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Nya Instagrambilder

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Första Sam & Cat trailern

Serien börjar sändas i Juni i USA, så skulle gissa att den börjar sändas i Augusti eller September i Sverige.
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Intervju med Digital Spy


Ariana Grande has revealed that Fergie and Mariah Carey are among the artists she is inspired by.

The singer – who recently topped the US iTunes chart with new single ‘The Way’ – admitted that she is looking forward to releasing her debut album Daydreamin’ this summer.

“The whole album has a throwback feel,” Grande told Digital Spy. “It’s all urban-pop and it’s a good vibe.

“We’re just finishing up. It’s been a really long process, but we’re almost there. It’s been worth all of the waiting and the frustration and hard work. I’m really happy with it.”

Talking about her influences during the making of the project, Grande listed divas past and present that help her make music.

“My biggest inspirations have been Imogen Heap, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Fergie,” Grande explained.

“‘Clumsy’ by Fergie is always one that I love to listen to when I need inspiration.”

Grande recently admitted that comparisons between her new song ‘The Way’ and Mariah Carey’s early work were “definitely a compliment”.

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Ny design

Igår kväll fick jag en ny design av super snälla Emma. För visst är den fin?  Aja, jag har iaf lagt till alla länkar igen. Hoppas ni gillar den nya designen och tack igen Emma.
2013-04-15 |20:16:45 | Kategori:Övrigt

Keek av Ariana och Jai

Me & Jai on the day the Popular music video was shot which will be coming out shortly. 😊

Apr 14, 2013| Source: Keek.com

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BTS Keeks och bilder från Jones Crow Photoshoot

Photo shoot :)

Apr 14, 2013| Source: Keek.com


Apr 14, 2013| Source: Keek.com

Apr 14, 2013| Source: Keek.com

Apr 14, 2013| Source: Keek.com

"All I've got is this small cup... This gonna be alright?"

Apr 14, 2013| Source: Keek.com

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Miley Ray Cyrus

HÄR är en hemsida om skådespelerskan och sångerskan Miley Cyrus. Bloggen är as grym och ni borde verligen gå in och kolla!
(Ni kan även klicka på bilderna föratt komma till bloggen.)
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Ariana är med i två omröstningar som jag föreslår att ni röstar. (Klicka på bilderna för att komma sidorna.)
Selena Gomez, Jonas Brothers, Ariana Grande: Whose New Single Is Best?
2013-04-07 |21:24:50 | Kategori:Övrigt

Frankie’s Kids Choice Awards Behind The Scenes Video

"What can I say… I was at the best award show of the year with the cast of Victorious and Ke$ha and I was right there when all of the amazing action happened. So check it out! :)"
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Smygtitt på "Sam & Cat" med Access Hollywood

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Ny Instagrambild

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Sam And Cat promoshoot bilder och BTS bilder LQ

Klicka på bilden för att se den i fullstorlek
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KIIS FM’s Wango Tango Promo Video

Ariana dyker upp vid 0:04, 1:35 och i slutet lite snabbt.
2013-04-06 |15:15:07 | Kategori:Sam And Cat

Ariana och Jennette om "Sam And Cat"

Acess Hollywood var de första som intervjuvade Ariana och Jennette om deras kommande show "Sam And Cat". De pratar liteom showen men försöker att inte avslöja för mycket. Ariana börjar prata runt 1:10 och sedan hoppar det lite mellan Ariana och Jennette.
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Jag har fått några mejl om länkbyte meneftersom mejlen kom för någon månad sedan så känns det försent att svara. Men vill någon forfarande göra länkbyte mejla mig på arianagrandedaily@hotmail.se.
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Förlåt att jag inte bloggat något... Skolan har varit för mycket. Jag tänkte ta bort bloggen men då såg jag att jag har läsare varje dag trots att jag inte bloggar så nu ska jag börja blogga. Lovar!